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Sometimes I receive mail from SEO to add links on this site. Here the text asked me to add, but without the links 😉

He like my SEO page

Nice website 🙂 I checked out your page: And I noticed you’ve mentioned Google. So I thought you might like my video on « Rubish stuff »:

 Obviously, you know about ranking on Google already, and this video probably isn’t going to blow your socks off.  But I’m sure you get a few questions about it every now and then 🙂  So perhaps you’ll find my video good enough to share with your readers. Maybe you could even embed this video on your page?

 Oh, and if you did embed my video — I’d be happy to get you a link back from a high DR site as a way of saying thank you 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

SEO man

A big boss

Hi – I was surfing and I really liked your content strategy.

I’m the founder of gloubyboulga, where we are passionate about helping people switch careers and learn new skills. I think this is especially relevant now with thousands of people losing their jobs due to COVID.

I was wondering if I can submit a high-quality original blog post (no cost), that’s never been published anywhere else, to be featured on your site?

Here’s a list of possible topics:
1) How remote work is changing tech salaries in the era of coronavirus
2) How to Know if your current career isn’t right for you
3) What to do if you lost your job because of COVID-19
4) The future of work: are your skills up to date?
5) How new technologies are disrupting incumbent industries
6) The most resilient jobs during COVID-19
7) How to hire and retain tech talents
8) How COVID is impacting the education industry
9) What are the future trends for the education industry

(Or you can share a topic or field you are interested in.)

And here are a few of our recent posts:

Again, really love your work.


Dugland robert

Python course

I noticed you’ve shared Python for Beginners – – and thought I’d send a quick email to highlight something we’ve just published.

My colleague XXX created a guide to learning Python in the context of ethical hacking. Here’s the link – pchitt pchitt pchitt.

My thinking was that it will supplement Python for Beginners and other resources and prove useful for anyone learning Python with security/ethical hacking in mind. Would you consider mentioning the guide on your page?

-> No way

Hey Website Owner!

I was browsing your blog after finding it on [Google/social media/other]. I love what you’re posting—especially your round-up on

I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and wanted to reach out to see if I could be included in your next feature?

I regularly write about Free Online Course over on Makeproject. If you see anything that might be a fit, feel free to include it.



Outils en ligne gratuits pour les développeurs.


je me présente, un_boulet_de_seo, je suis le responsable de la plateforme, qui propose des outils en ligne gratuits pour les développeurs.

Je vous contacte car mon site peut potentiellement intéresser les lecteurs de votre page « shaarli » (

Ma plateforme propose différents outils:

  • Testeurs:
  • Testeur d’expressions régulières (
  • Testeur d’expressions XPath (
  • Browser de bases de données SQLite ( Il est open source (un_boulet_de_seo/Web-GUI-for-SQLite).
  • Testeur d’expressions JSONPath (
  • API:
  • Client REST (
  • Client SOAP (
  • Mock d’API REST (
  • Testeur de Web services ( Il est open source (un_boulet_de_seo/RestesterUI).
  • Générateurs de données de test:
  • Générateur de JSON (, qui permet de générer des fichiers JSON à partir d’un modèle.
  • Générateur de CSV (, qui permet de générer simultanément plusieurs fichiers CSV. Pas de limite du nombre de ligne par fichier CSV. Cet outil est open source (un_boulet_de_seo/Web-CSV-Generator).
  • Comparateurs:
  • XML (
  • JSON (
  • CSV (
  • Minifiers / Formatters:
  • Formateur HTML (, qui permet de beautifier, minifier, compresser et échapper du code HTML.
  • Formateur CSS (, qui permet de beautifier et minifier du CSS.
  • Minifieur JavaScript (
  • Autres:
  • Encodeur et décodeur base 64 (

Je reste à votre disposition si vous avez des questions.



Merci boulet.